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Birthdate:Jun 5, 1984
Location:Albion Park, NSW, Australia
Website:Walking Contradiction
The Basics:

25 years old
Childfree and Proud
Torchwood Institute Agent
Echelon Recruit

The chick behind the journal

Why I'm Here:

Essentially? To get more exposure for my writing. :) No sense in disguising my motives, right? All usual updates go in my LiveJournal ([ profile] lilibella) or my Twitter.

Feel free to subscribe - I might even subscribe back if I think you're interesting. I don't bite, I swear. ;)

Thanks so much to [personal profile] louise for my account!

Interests (135):

30 seconds to mars, acting, adam hills, admiral twin, aqua teen hunger force, artemis fowl, astrology, atheism, bisexuality, bitching, black adder, butterflies, carl barron, cats, centre stage, charmed, childfree, chocolate, complete randomness, concerts, crowded house, danny bhoy, david strassman, david tennant, digital photography, doctor who, dogma, dolphins, douglas adams, econoline crush, eoin colfer, eskimo joe, eternal singledom, eurovision, evanescence, fall out boy, family guy, fan fiction, feminism, firefly, fraggle rock, freedom from religion, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, frequency, friendship, fucking with teenies, futurama, good charlotte, gordon ramsay, green day, hanson, hanson fan fiction, happy tree friends, harry potter, harry potter fan fiction, hell's kitchen, hugh jackman, insulting christians, ireland, italian food, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jk rowling, keira knightley, linkin park, listening to music, little nicky, los angeles, maroon 5, max barry, melbourne international comedy festival, mick meredith, moulin rouge, my chemical romance, mythbusters, nanowrimo, natalie merchant, nerina pallot, neurotically yours, new york city, nickelback, nirvana, nrl, onerepublic, peanut butter m&m's, penguins, pirates of the caribbean, princess maker 2, pro-choice, reading, rent, repo! the genetic opera, retarded animal babies, riverdance, robert g barrett, robin williams, rove, rowan atkinson, rugby league, scissor sisters, scrubs, serenity, shannyn sossamon, singing, sleeping, snow patrol, south park, spicks and specks, spyro the dragon, star trek, star wars, supernatural, sydney, sydney roosters, tenth doctor, the big bang theory, the crow, the fifth element, the footy show, the fray, the late show, the muppets, the offspring, the sims 2, tinted windows, torchwood, travelling, tropfest, van helsing, verbal bitchslapping, web design, wil anderson, women's rights, writing
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